proactive & preventative wellness

Who We Are

We work directly with employer groups to bypass the red tape associated with the traditional delivery of care to patients. Directly resulting in increased access for patients and decreased costs for the organizations we serve.

We believe in keeping clinic practices small so that the patients can spend as much time with a physician as is necessary to ensure complete and appropriate treatment of their medical issues. With a focus on preventative programs such as cholesterol screening, diabetic screening, blood pressure management, and other wellness initiatives designed to help prevent disease rather than treating a problem once it has occurred.

We believe in being proactive not reactive.

We also know that traditional medicine does not have all the answers. Therefore, we work side-by-side with alternative care providers to service the needs of your employees and our patients.

What We Do

Our clinics offer all of the
traditional services you’ve
come to expect from your
primary care provider.
Serving the needs of patients
aged 14 and older, we offer:

  • Office visits
  • Procedures
  • Annual physical exams
  • Annual health risk assessments
  • Acute care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health education and consultation
  • Wellness programs
  • Laboratory testing with electronically-loaded medical records
  • Prescriptions management
In addition, we believe that our direct-care patients should have access to providers and not have to go through a call service to reach a provider. To that end, all members of the program will be given the provider’s contact information making the Physician available 24/7/365.

Further, should a patient member require hospitalization, the provider would be available to consult with the hospitalist.

Finally, our providers would be involved with any referrals to specialists. If more than one specialist is involved, our provider will act as a case coordinator to insure each physician knows what others are thinking-keeping all providers on the same page.

In other words, we believe in a total coordinated approach to healthcare.